About Mesca

A Backstory From the Owner, Clayton
My dad (on the right, above) used to drink a lot of diet drinks. He was a pretty active guy, and he would work all day and loved to exercise and run! Because of the artificial drinks, he was struggling with frequent flu, lack of energy, weight, etc. So for Lent one year, he gave up his favorite drinks for forty days, cold-turkey. We were astonished when, after two weeks of withdrawals, his problems went away. He felt better and happier, had more energy, and even lost 10 pounds! At this point I decided that I wanted to make healthy drinks that make this lifestyle change a lot easier than it was for him.
For the next 2 years in my off time at university, I experimented in my kitchen. First, after about 500 different recipe tries, I created Mesca Sweet, which is our perfected natural sweetener blend. Next, I used this sweetener to make recipes for all the Mesca Drinks that you see today! After getting them FDA approved and graduating from university, I started a long period of bringing Mesca to events and markets. I made the drinks how I thought people would want them, they'd tell me something they'd like to be better, and I would go back and change the drinks and the branding! After doing this for half a year, I officially started selling our drinks in the Atlanta area, and this is just the start!
You see, Mesca was created to solve a particular problem for a family member, and was developed over the years to fit everyone's needs. Mesca has incredible taste, natural nutrition, and gives you healthy energy. Our goal is to give you a brand of excellent products, so that you can live a healthy life through a better drink!